Music by Michael Nyman
Lighting Design by David Ferri
Costume Design by Liz Prince
Original cast: Nancy Bannon, Adriane Fang, Merceditas Manago, Faye Driscoll, Larry Hahn, Eddie Taketa, Daniel Charon, Keith Johnson

Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

In the empty rooms and apartments of the Tenement Museum, a series of stark short stories intertwine revealing a poignant tale of love and grace. A product of memory, Neither is filled with the ghosts and echoes of a life past.

Neither is a unique danced theater event. The intimate nature of the work allows for only a very few to see it at one time, giving the viewer the visceral sensation of being surrounded by the production. With Neither, award-winning creator Doug Varone and his company boldly move into a new realm of creativity. With it, they literally take their audiences into the very heart of the work.

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