“At the heart of every work, is pure dance making and the creative relationship with my dancers is paramount to this process. I work within a very liberal and open atmosphere, and as a result the dancers are great allies in my dance making. They are intuitive interpreters of the work that I imagine. Its this great trust that allows the work to flourish”
Doug Varone


W.A. Mozart
8 dancers, 32 minutes

Chapters from a Broken Novel

David Van Tieghem
8 dancers, evening-length

“Choreographer Doug Varone’s “Chapters from a Broken Novel” (2010) — with its shards of dreams and groping tenderness — cracks the human condition wide open.”
Boston Globe

For complete commissioning credits, click here.

Commissioning Support was provided by the NEA, NYSCA, NYC DCA, Bates Dance Festival, Portland Ovations, San Francisco Performances, University of Akron, National Performance Netrwork Creation Fund, National Dance Project.


Music by Philip Glass (The Light)
8 dancers, 22 minutes

“Luxuriant. Lux is all about freedom. It is what dancing really feels like, the kind of dancing I might dream about: loose and sweeping in a spirit of exultation. Varone puts the beating heart at the center of his work.”
Washington Post

“Beginning with Varones meditative, resilient exploration of the space around him, Lux seems to progress toward optimism, as a projected moon slowly rises on the backdrop, and the performers take pleasure in their richly convivial celebration. Lux sates you with dancing, but youre still reluctant to leave the feast.”
Washington Post

Commissioned by the Daniel and Dianne Vapnek Family Fund

Boats Leaving

Boats Leaving
8 dancers, 28 minutes

“A masterpiece. Varone's genius here consists of using tactics that are strictly formal, utterly devoid of sentiment, to arouse the spectators' deepest feelings.”

“I swear I heard voices people talking, muttering, worrying, crying, shouting, laughing, bantering, flirting, arguing and doing the other dozens of other sounds we hear and make during the course of our lives. None of Doug Varones dancers said anything aloud. Yet there are so many conversations going on in the movement...surely there were voices. Varone moves the whole conversation into new emotionally treacherous waters. His dancers are always about relationships and community and in this astonishing and disturbing work, he has the courage to take us inside the darkness of communities unraveling. Stillness is powerful in Varones work, like the silence we engage in at awkward, intense or deep moments. Varone immerses himself in the moments in between the silences, stillnesses, the deeper story.”
News and Observer (NC)

Commissioned by the American Dance Festival with funding support from the Doris Duke Awards for New Work.


Music by Dick Connette
2 dancers, 12 minutes

“Home depicts a thousand tiny ways the subtle shades of acceptance, rejection, tender passion and greedy need between two people sharing a life.... Movement that proves the very heart of human emotions and interactions.”
Baltimore Evening Sun

Home was originally commissioned by Pennsylvania Dance Theater.

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