"The performance was over, but no one wanted to leave. The audience just kept applauding.It was almost as if the seething, convulsive outpouring of movement had provoked an equal and opposite reaction in the spectators, who could only sit and clap."
Sylviane Gold, Newsday

"There's more information in one minute of dance by Doug Varone than most choreographers manage to squeeze into far lengthier works. Ideas come at lightning speed to this gifted artist, and they are deeply satisfying,both as formal concepts and as personal narratives. Few choreographers manage to take the viewer down both paths with such striking sophistication."
Theodore Bale, Boston Herald


"Doug Varone and his dancers command attention as soon as the curtain goes up. There's no looking away such explosive but subtle works as "Castles." Rarely do you find a choreographer so dedicated to the full and generous complexity of the human spirit. Many choreographers can create interesting movement: few can make it mean so much."
Claudia La Rocco, Associated Press

"This is a company of master dancers, performing masterly choreography."
Sylviane Gold, Newsday

"Doug Varone’s dances rush headlong into movement that spills even spools out onstage. There is a dazzle to these complex, swiftly formed patterns. Yet along the way, the same whirlpools of energy reveal the emotional turbulence at the heart of Mr. Varone’s work. Sense and sensitivity seep into his plotless dances as we watch them. The viewer is ensnared: here is choreography that gives insidiousness a good name."

"In the last few years Mr. Varone has produced some of modern dance’s most engrossing works. Like many of his generation he opts for an idiom of exciting physicality, both casual and atheletic. Yet few can punctuate this sustained momentum so consistently with so many surprises.”
Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

"Doug Varone’s work makes me cry. Not just during performances, but afterwards; images of his frantic, daring dancers constantly replay in my memory, eventually settling in for good. I think Varone’s work has such a lasting effect on me for a simple reason — its choreographed with heart. It almost hurts to watch choreography so beautiful. But if you do, you’ll vicariously experience the thrill of dancing.”
Gia Kourlas, Time Out, New York

"Varone’s achievement is in an ability to wed dance of sheer kinetic force with profound emotional insight. It is this viscerally understood language that gives his work the wallop of revealed truth.”
Suzanne Carbonneau, The Washington Post

"Mr.Varone has forged a wondrous language of movement. It’s all jab, fold, melt, spill, slash and spiral; an impossible blend of the sharp and intricate and the loose-limbed and wild.”
Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News

"Doug Varone is that rare choreographer with a gift for expressing emotion through dance.He has a company of daredevils, profoundly human super humans who dance on a dime — wheeling, darting and slicing the air at lethal looking speeds.”
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

"With exhilarating athletic physicality, Doug Varone and Dancers were a whirl of spins, tumbles, leaps, lifts and crashes. But these were not just bullets whizzing through space, but people with real human faces. Each connection was fraught with emotional intensity”
Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe

"Exquisite, lyrical movement that probed the very heart of human emotions and interactions”
J. Conrad, Baltimore Evening Sun

"The concert was as close to flawless as it gets.”
Helen Forsberg, The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City

"Mr. Varone’s choreography seems both to burn with anger and weep with compassion.”
Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"Movement of exuberant, even reckless physicality and choreography guided by such deeply musical impulses you tend to rub your eyes in disbelief.”
Allan Ulrich, The San Francisco Examiner

"You knew from the start it was going to be something special. It was that and more. It’s works like these that renew one’s hope for the future of dance.”
Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

"There seems to be more than one Doug Varone. There’s the Doug Varone who deals in miniature, ambiguous, often dark dramas told through the precise details and the subtlest of nuances. And there’s Doug Varone the power dancer, spinning his superb dancers through big, whipping dances at such dazzling speed and high energy they sometimes look like they’ll collapse in chaos but never do, always pulling out, thanks to his strong sense of music and his inventive sense of shape and structure. Introspective dramatic pieces were followed by blasts of high energy and romping wit. It can keep you off your balance, but it keeps you wide awake and attentive.”
Mike Steele, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Doug Varone establishes a world of inchoate, unattainable passions that writers need whole poems and novels for.”
Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

"Doug Varone and dancers are nothing short of extraordinary."
Pamela Squires, The Washington Post

"Its easy to see why Varone has been lauded for establishing a distinctive voice on the contemporary dance scene. He and his dancers seem to balance elegant containment and rapid rapturous tossing away. But the style is only part of what Varone does; in the center of each of his kaleidoscopic puzzles is a faithful questioning iteration of a worldview that pulses with human dilemmas.”
Jennifer Fisher, Los Angeles Times

"Varone can make the most common gesture, a grasp of the hand, or an arm outstretched in regret and let it soar into the realm of imagination. Varone’s genius is to take the expressions of our daily body language and extend them into glorious, rhythmic movement.”
Susan Walker, Toronto Star

"While many postmodern choreographers trade cannily on shock and chic, Doug Varone is all sincerity and substance.”
Tobi Tobias, New York Magazine

"Doug Varone and Danceers performed at a technical level that was nothing short of astonishing. Provocative and original, the work did not contain a single derivative step. Balancing lyricism with muscle, it made a profound emotional impact. The New York company was a breath of fresh air.“
Wilma Salisbury, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The first thing that would strike a newcomer to Doug Varone and his dancers is their energy. It pulses — varoom! Like a comic-book hero. Yet energized movement, almost a coalescence of bodies, is not the only rewarding aspect of Varone. He has his quieter side…a subtext of totally non-specific drama which provides the ballast to Varone’s work and represents the undefinable drama of music rather than the more usual narrative we encounter in theater arts. It is as if little is spoken, but much is said.”
Clive Barnes, The New York Post

"The abiding undercurrent of human warmth is part of what makes Varone's choreography so distinctive. While his work is some of the most physically daring and viscerally exhilarating out there, it's not just empty virtuosity. Varone is highly attuned to the nuances of human interaction, and his generally plotless works are often laced with wit and rich in emotional details."
Karen Combell, The Boston Globe

" Varone is not emerging artist. He's something even better. Varone is an emerged artist. He now stands in relation to Limon the way Paul Taylor does to Martha Graham. Prodigals, but progeny."


Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

"What makes Varone different is that everything seems felt, emotionally true, earned."
Robert Gottlieb, The New York Observer


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